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Jamal Mohamed College

Who - Jamal Mohamed College was founded in 1951, as an affiliated college of the University of Madras. The College is now affiliated to Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli after it was formed in 1984. The College is administered by the Society of Jamal Mohamed College as a religious minority institution.

What - The primary objective of the college is to provide higher education to the downtrodden and socially backward sections of the society in general and Muslim minorities in particular. The college offers 8 U.G. and 8 P.G. courses exclusively for women as part of women empowerment during the second shift of the college. The institution strives to provide an affordable quality education and inculcating spiritual and moral values in its students.

Why - To be educated is the fundamental right of every citizen. It is a responsibility of the privileged to help make this happen. Education gives young adults the wings to soar and conquer their dreams. Let’s be a part of this journey and make this world a better place for the future.

Immediate Need – Fulfill the mission of Jamal Mohamed College to promote academic excellence amongst the backward and disadvantage students, men and women, by providing merit based scholarships to the needy. Infrastructure development projects for the betterment of education are also an on-going need.

Visit: http://www.jmc.edu/
Jamal Mohamed College